Master of Arts

 Professional Writing
@ the University of Louisiana at Lafayette

A Master of Arts in English with a concentration in Professional Writing provides students knowledge and experience analyzing text and work contexts and composing in a range of professional and technical genres. Students develop the research, writing, and design skills to prepare them to create text for academic, business, government, and technical purposes. The M.A. will qualify students for positions as professional or technical writers, prepare them for future graduate work and for those who take graduate courses in Rhetoric and Composition prepare them to teach professional writing at community colleges and universities.


Required Courses 

  • ENGL 472 – Professional Writing (Online)
  • ENGL 473 – Professional Editing (Online)
  • ENGL 474 – Document Design (Online)
  • ENGL 462 – Special Projects in Professional Writing (Online)
  • ENGL 463 – Professional Writing Practicum. We will place students with a business, non-profit organization, or university office to complete a 45 hour internship in which students will complete assignments that allow them to use and develop their professional writing skills.
  • ENGL 596 – Research Methods (On Campus)

Electives *

  • One course in Rhetoric
  • One course in Linguistics
  • Two courses in Rhetoric, Linguistics, Creative Writing, Literature, and/or Folklore.

* Most graduate-level English courses do not have an online option. You will have to attend courses on campus to complete the MA in English with a concentration in Professional Writing. 

See the Plan of Study for more information.


M.A. students with a concentration in professional writing will complete a thesis project, a professional portfolio with a theoretical introduction. Students will collect documents they have completed throughout their course work and prepare them for inclusion in a professional portfolio. Students will write an academic introduction to their portfolio based on readings in professional writing theory and work place research.


See the English Department webpage for details on admission.