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6 PW Job Functions Poster


6 Professional Writing Job Functions was designed to display on bulletin boards around campus and to share digitally. The poster is part of a larger project to define professional writing for students and the community. The message of the poster is that professional writing is not simply about writing, and that those who develop professional writing skills will be able to perform a number of job functions well.

Source Document

The NorthWest Center for Emerging Technologies in an effort to develop skill standards for the technology industry identified seven job functions for each job title. They described the following seven job functions for Technical Writers:

  1. Analyze Project Requirements
  2. Perform Research
  3. Design Document
  4. Develop and Write Document
  5. Publish and Package
  6. Manage Tasks
  7. Solve Problems/Troubleshoot (NorthWest Center 183-93)

NorthWest Center for Emerging Technologies. Building a Foundation for Tomorrow: Skill Standards for Information Technology. 1st ed. Bellevue, WA: NorthWest Center for Emerging Technologies, 1996; Millennium Edition 1999.


I adapted the NorthWest Center’s job function list for technical writing to professional writing by providing details of the function that align with professional writing. In my adaption, analysis is not limited to project requirements, but also includes analysis of resources and rhetorical contexts. I added Edit as a job function to draw attention to the fact that writing and editing are two different functions, even though the same employee may edit their own writing. I removed two functions, Manage Tasks and Solve Problems/Troubleshoot, that would be listed as functions for most jobs.

Style and Design

Application: Google Drawing

Fonts: Primary Fonts, Arvo (serif) and Lato (sans serif). For four of the six job functions, I chose fonts that align with the meaning of the word. For example, for the word design I used a display font, Syncopate, that is balanced with each letter taking up an equal amount of space and for the word write, I used a script typeface, Indie Flower.

Colors: standard UL colors– black (#0A0203) and red (#CE181E), a pale blue (#326BB1)


6 PW Job Functions


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