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Everyone Should Know About Professional Writers

Professional Writing Program representatives (Randy Gonzales and Shelly Leroy) joined other English Department representatives at UL’s Liberal Arts Day. High schools students and their parents came to learn about the different departments in the College of Liberal Arts. To accompany our ten minute presentation, we created a handout, 9 Things Everyone Should Know About Professional Writer.

Application: Google Docs

Fonts: Arvo (serif) and Lato (sans serif).

Colors: standard UL colors– black (#0A0203) and red (#CE181E), shades of maroon available as part of standard Google Docs’ color palette.

Layout: 9 Things is laid out with a 4 x 5 table with hidden borders. The body of the document is 3 x 3 colored blocks containing the 9 Things Everyone Should Know About Professional Writers.

Google Drawings: The side-title and numbers are Google Drawings. Google Docs allows you to create and add a drawing directly from your document. The side-title is simply text flipped vertically. The numbers were created by drawing a circle, giving it a dashed border, and adding a number to it.

Collaborators: Randy Gonzales (Designer, Writer), Shelly Leroy (Writer), and Sheri Lazare (Proofreader).


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