Soft Skills Blog: Resilience

Image credit: Mort Walker, Beetle Bailey

Are you having trouble keeping a job or a relationship? Is life throwing you more curveballs than you can handle? It sounds like you could use some resilience. Profwrite Inc. is here to help.

How To Get Back On Your Feet

Think back to a time when you were working on a paper and ran into the dreaded writer’s block. You probably either just sat there thinking for what seemed like an endless amount of time or you moved on to a different task and returned to it later with a clear mind. Either way, you probably powered through and finished your paper. You may not have realized it but you were displaying resilience by finishing your paper. Resilience is the ability to overcome change, adversity, or setbacks in either a professional or personal environment. In other words, it is the ability to keep going when you want to stop.

Why Do I Need It?

While it is possible, it is significantly more difficult to obtain a degree or work in a professional environment if you don’t show resilience. Obstacles are a part of life and often impossible to avoid. It could be anything from difficult professors to relationship or family issues to a difficult coworker. A student or employee who cannot find ways to handle these obstacles will just get defeated when they inevitably happen, but a person who is resilient will be able to handle them. They will be able to find new or creative ways to handle the problem.

How Do I Get It?

Many people think some people are just inherently more resilient than others, and they might be right. However, there are many things that affect your resilience such as how passionate you are about the task. An employee in their dream position or working towards their dream position will be able to overcome much more than the employee just working to make a living. Studies have shown that simple reflection can improve resilience as well. You can do this by acknowledging the small tasks that require being resilient in your everyday life. These could be as small as doing the dishes when you can think of a thousand things you would rather be doing. When you pay attention to the small victories, it can build the self-esteem to tackle larger issues.

How Do I Show It?

Resilience is also a fantastic resume builder. No graduate school or company will choose the applicant they think will not still be around in a year. They want the applicant who displays the ability and desire to stay around for a long time. You can show this trait on a resume by adding previous leadership positions or even just positions you have held for a long time. If you had the same untrained employee position for multiple years, the person reviewing your application will see that knowing that you must have overcome many obstacles to stay in the position for that length of time.

Resilience is the trait that allows people to power through difficult situations. It is a fundamental attribute of the ideal applicant for any position. The best way to become more resilient is to focus on the little victories tackled every day. You can then show your progress through long term commitments, proving that you can stick to something for long periods of time. Now that you have the resilience to see things to the end, don’t forget to take a look at the rest of this blog series. We update it regularly!