Soft Skills Blog: Teamwork


Have you ever watched a professional sports game without teamwork? Probably not. Teamwork is one of those traits you may think you have but cannot put into words. What really goes into teamwork? How can you improve this skill? Let’s team up and find out.

What Makes a Dream Team?

Do you ever wish that you could play a more important role in your group work?  Working in groups is difficult to avoid, so it’s important to be ready for it. The best way to prepare is to improve your teamwork skills. Teamwork is the way people interact in a group. Communication, coordination, support, effort, organization, and wanting to be on the team can all affect the chemistry of the group.

Working on a team in the business place can be compared to being on a sports team. If your team cannot communicate properly or does not put any effort into the game,you will not be successful. People who learn teamwork can relate it to other soft skills such as communication, time-management, and keeping a positive attitude.

Why is Teamwork so Important?

I learned the value of teamwork while playing sports as a young child. I was able to improve how we played as a team and interacted with each other.  Being supportive of team members when they are up to bat or about to shoot a basket helps give them confidence. If they are confident, they can perform better. The team can achieve more when everyone is doing their best.  In the future you’re going to have to be a part of a team, so learning how to interact more efficiently with other people will make these situations run more smoothly.

While in school, participation in group work can help prepare you for group projects you will have to do in your future career. But why do we work in groups in the workplace? In the business world, teams can be more efficient than solo workers. Teams can perform multiple jobs at once,finish tasks more quickly,  and lead to company growth. Working in teams can also yield strong personal benefits. Having a reliable group can build strong relationships that can provide support for both personal and workplace problems. Creativity and innovation can also be improved by working with others.

So, How Do You Better Your Teamwork Skills?

The best way to improve your teamwork is by working on the fundamentals. Here are a few ways to do so.

In Your Personal Life

  • Work on communicating clearly and precisely with your family and friends
  • Try to look at the positive side of every task
  • Try offering support to the people around you
  • Work on your organizational skills
  • Know your strengths and utilize them

In Your Career

  • Try not to complain. Complaining will make the whole group more negative, hurting  efficiency
  • Be a “team player” and share the credit for the outcomes of the group
  • Express your ideas
  • Be excited to work with the group

Welcome to Team Teamwork

Teamwork may have seemed like an impossible trait to describe, but hopefully you now have a better understanding of it.  It is simply the interactions between a group of people. Being able to work efficiently in a team can help you in future group projects. Now that we know what teamwork is, how to improve it, and how it can help us, maybe we can love our next team project!