PW Library Proposal

The Professional Writing Program accepted our proposal to create an online catalog for their guidebook library. We will design an online catalog, write entries for a selection of guidebooks, create tutorials from the guidebooks, and create promotional materials.  We are scheduled to complete the project by April 28, 2018.


In conjunction with the Professional Writing Program the following goals have been set:

  1. Create an online catalog of professional writing guidebooks that helps users identify books that will help them improve as workplace writers.
  2. Prepare online materials that emphasize the value of the guidebooks.
  3. Develop social media content that highlights the value of a particular guidebook and the catalog.


  1. Create an online guidebook catalog for Professional Writing Guidebook Library.
    • Use Internet technologies to create a guidebook catalog with features that allow users to search and easily identify guidebooks that fit their needs.
  2. Create entries for the catalog from books in the Professional Writing Guidebook Library.
    • Create catalog entries that identify a clear audience for each book; demonstrate writing skills users could expect to develop; and analyze style approach to presenting guidance.
  3. Develop materials that re-articulate the lessons in the guidebook.
    • Introduce users to writing lessons gleaned from the guidebooks. Lessons should be in an easily accessible format suited for Internet publication, and may be written as a case study, a set of writing procedures, tutorial, etc.
  4. Promote the catalog and individual books through social and print media.
    • Write promotional content that uses rhetorical modes to appeal to the catalogs target audience.


The catalog, educational, and promotional materials will be written for professionals challenged to improve their writing skills either to take on new responsibilities or to perform their current duties more effectively. The materials will assume an interest in improving workplace writing skills. These users accept the common assertion that through these self-help writing guides they can improve as writers.


Online Catalog with entries for guidebooks in the Professional Writing Guidebook Library.

All catalog entries will include

  • bibliographic information of the book;
  • image of the book;
  • description of target audience of the book;
  • detailed description of the book;
  • analysis of the book’s style;
  • link to sample lesson.

Tutorial made from one a lesson in the book.

Promotional materials for social and/or print media.



Decisions on publishing format for catalog, and style guide for catalog entries. Employees will form three teams:

  1. Online Catalog
  2. Tutorial
  3. Promotional materials

Teams will decide on the publication medium, features, and style of documents.

Phase 1: Defining Documents

Groups create model documents and style guides for different publication types.

Phase 2: Writing & Editing

Each member creates 3 documents (1 for each category) related to their assigned book. Documents must adhere to model documents, style guides, and Profwrite Inc. writing standards. Responsible groups will review documents for adherence to set standards.

Phase 3: Publication

Once documents are approved they will be published in appropriate applications.

Full Proposal.