Professional Writing Process

At Profwrite Inc. we employ a systematic development process that assures the production of professional documents that meet customer requirements.


The process begins with a thorough analysis of the project requirements. More often than not this initial step is performed by management, but each writer involved with the project must be responsible for understanding the scope of the project, and have a clear understanding of how the deliverables meet the needs of the client.

Basic Steps:

  1. Identify customer requirements
  2. Interpret, evaluate, & confirm requirements
  3. Define scope of work
  4. Define deliverables, documentation, & method of publication


Once the project has been defined, work teams are provided assignments with clearly defined research and writing goals. Each team is responsible for deciding on the tools, methods, and sources of information necessary for the successful completion of their research goals.

Basic Steps:

  1. Define research questions
  2. Gather background information
  3. Identify & evaluate sources of information
  4. Interview subject matter experts
  5. Interpret research results


Coordinators are responsible for determining layout and design. We assign a coordinator to set standards for each media type. For example, for a project with print, social media, and blog deliverables, we have three coordinators: content coordinator for print, social media coordinator, and blog coordinator. Each coordinator creates model documents and style guides for their assigned media, and distribute them to writing teams. Writing teams are responsible for making their work consistent with the design standards set by the coordinators.

Basic Steps:

  1. Select design & publication tools
  2. Plan layout & design information
  3. Select style & tone
  4. Determine information flow & level of detail
  5. Identify appropriate visuals
  6. Provide feedback to writing teams/individuals


Writing teams are responsible for producing deliverables, while coordinators are responsible for support documentation. The writing process includes feedback and testing. Each writer is responsible for soliciting feedback from coordinators and project administrators.

Basic Steps:

  1. Select, synthesize, & organize information to meet user needs
  2. Create content
  3. Edit for readability, grammar & usage
  4. Obtain feedback
  5. Test for validity & usability


Writers prepare deliverables for publication by making sure the content is tailored for the publication medium. Coordinators are responsible for final publication of the products.

Basic Steps:

  1. Prepare graphics
  2. Tailor composition for print & deliver to coordinator
  3. Tailor composition for social media & deliver to coordinator
  4. Tailor composition for website & deliver to coordinator