Employee Rubric

At Profwrite, you are assessed not only by the quality of your work, but by the role you play in the organization. In the university, students are graded on subject knowledge or products (essays, design projects, etc.). Employees get judged by their production, how they work, and how they fit in the organization.

In the following rubric ability to apply the professional writing process (analysis, research, design, writing, editing, publishing) to a project is one of four components used to evaluate employees. Professional writers must be able to write, but they also have to be team players committed to good communication and organizational goals.

What kind of employee are you?


Range of Professional Writing Skills: Uses the professional writing process to produce publishable documents that align with project goals and meet Profwrite standards.

Team Player: Elevates other writers by providing good advice on research, editing, writing, design, etc.

Excellent Communicator: Reaches out to project manager (teacher), coordinators, and group members with questions, concerns, plans, etc.

Committed to Organization: Takes a leadership role, planning, organizing, and completing work to achieve organizational goals efficiently. 


Learning to Write Professionally: Uses the professional writing process to produce documents that after revisions can be published on time.

Team Player: Helps other writers by making helpful suggestions and editing their work.

Good Communicator: Asks questions and stays in contact with group (and when necessary coordinators), so everyone is confident employee is fulfilling their responsibility.

Committed to Duties: Completes work in a timely manner with attention to detail and organizational goals in mind.


Inflexible Writer: Does not produce publishable work at all or does so after the due date. Unwilling or slow to apply the professional writing process to their work. May rely primarily on previous writing experiences and strategies without adapting them to the current writing context

Individual on a Team: Works to complete individual responsibilities separate from the team and without full awareness of or concern for organizational goals.

Reluctant Communicator: Communicates reluctantly, rarely initiating dialogue. Communicates in response to others reaching out first or when a deadline is approaching.

Not Committed: Focused on benefits to self, primarily salary or grades. May not find the work rewarding and/or feel it is necessary to prioritize organizational goals and activities.