Audience Profile

Primary Audience: English Majors

Questions English majors ask
  • I love to write, how does that translate to a career?
  • I love to read, how does that translate to a career?
  • What are the advantages of a literature/folklore/linguistics/creative writing/professional writing concentration?
Graduating English majors ask
  • What skills have I developed?
  • Should I pursue a graduate degree in English?
  • Does the degree prepare me for graduate work in library science?
English Major Persona

Taylor, a 20-year-old student who loves to read in order to see the world from different perspectives, prefers hobbies that allow for creative expression. and has always loved English courses. Love for English blinds Taylor to its value in the professional world.

Taylor needs

  • To see how English coursework develops skills valued in the workplace
  • To understand the various areas of study within English
  • To understand the skills developed in an area of study
  • To understand options for graduate study

Secondary Audience: Students Considering Majoring in English

Questions potential English majors ask
  • What jobs can I get with an English degree?
  • Can I get into med school with an English degree?
  • Can I get into law school with an English degree?
Potential English Major

Jessie, a 19-year-old student who reads to learn, sees university as preparation for a career. Jessie is torn between an interest in the world and creative endeavors, and concerns for making a living.

Jessie needs

  • To be shown how an English degree leads to future opportunities
  • To understand relationship between coursework and job skills
How can our writing teams use the audience profile?
  • As a tool to define the purpose of writing projects.
  • As a checklist to confirm documents address audience needs.