English Dept.

The English Department accepted our proposal to create educational and promotional media to promote the value of a Bachelor of Arts in English. We will research, write, and design documents suitable for publication via a company blog, social media, and print. We are scheduled to complete the project by December 3, 2017.


Writers will be assigned positions as coordinators, team administrators, or technical writers. Each position requires team members to complete projects that help us reach our stated goals of

  1. creating educational and promotional content that demonstrates the value of an English degree,
  2. preparing documents for print, website, and social media publication,
  3. developing a social media, print-media, and blog post plans that outline the publication plans for the educational and promotional documents.

The following Position & Project Map provides a visual overview of the positions available and their relationship to the projects we will complete.

See positions descriptions for details on the responsibilities of coordinators, project administrators, and technical writers.


Writing teams will demonstrate the value of an English degree by creating documents that highlight

  1. the skills of an English major and their related work functions,
  2. careers directly related to specific English concentrations,
  3. the success of alumni with English degrees,
  4. graduate school options for English majors.

See project descriptions for details on the five content-development projects that will help us achieve these objectives.


Educational and promotional documents

We will create educational and promotional documemnts for three different contexts 1) blog, 2) print, and 3) social media.

Blog Posts
Printable Documents
Social Media Posts


We will deliver three documents that will guide the client in the dissemination of the documents and in the management of the blog and social media sites.

Blog FAQ Guide
Social Media Plan
Final Report

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