Soft Skills Blog: Professional Writing

Sure, professional writing is important. I’ll need to be able to write without making any spelling or grammar mistakes when I get a job after graduation, but that’s what ENGL 101 is for, right? Well, sort of. English 101 is supposed to teach the basics of writing, but the emphasis is on long, dry academic papers. Walking a reader through the evolving morality of Huck in “The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn” is great for a student or an English professor, but it’s probably not what your employer wants from you. So, how does professional writing differ from the writing in 101 and the rest of my academic career? Continue Reading

Soft Skills Blog: Inquisitiveness

Well, if you’re reading this blog it’s probably not too late. For better or worse, it takes some degree of curiosity to read about curiosity. Still, maybe there’s some info in here that you don’t already know. With all the benefits an inquisitive mind can grant you, surely not reading this is not a risk worth taking, right? Not for someone as curious as yourself. Continue Reading