Bulletin Board

6 PW Job Functions Poster

Poster 6 Professional Writing Job Functions was designed to display on bulletin boards around campus and to share digitally. The poster is part of a larger project to define professional writing for students and the community. The message of the poster is that professional writing is not simply about writing, and that those who develop professional writing skills will be able…

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9 Things Fliers

Everyone Should Know About Professional Writers

Professional Writing Program representatives (Randy Gonzales and Shelly Leroy) joined other English Department representatives at UL’s Liberal Arts Day. High schools students and their parents came to learn about the different departments in the College of Liberal Arts. To accompany our ten minute presentation, we created a handout, 9 Things Everyone Should Know About Professional Writer. Application: Google Docs Fonts:…

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KRVS Interview and Thoughts on Audience

Judith Meriwether interviewed me on KRVS. We discussed Professional Writing at UL. Listen here. Judith asked how my connections working overseas impacted how I think about professional writing. My first thought was “audience.” We need to consider our audience and can’t assume our audience shares our values, understands our sense of humor, understands our local expressions… In the interview, I mentioned teaching in…

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The Advertiser

Press Release

I wrote the following press release with Sally Donlon. The Advertiser published a short article based on the release (see below), reducing our 184 word press release to a 137 word article. The sections in red didn’t make the news staff’s rewrite. When writing the release, I struggled to eliminate academic words and phrases from my writing. Phrases like “that are a prerequisite” and…

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Grad Faculty Presentation

Digital Tool Talk

I gave this presentation as part of a panel titled “Re-imagining the Grad Seminar.” The panel was organized by Distance Learning and the Graduate School to encourage UL Lafayette graduate faculty to consider teaching graduate seminars online. I talked about digital tools that I find useful for virtual teaming and collaborative academic work. View my presentation here.


PW Skills

The following document was originally written for a meeting with local technology consulting companies. The goal was to introduce professional writing as an area of study that prepared students to succeed in fields that require proficient communicators who can adapt to global and digital work spaces. The document was well received, creating dialogue about a need for workers that have both…

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